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12 awesome tech hacks to save you money and time

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Update time : 2020-12-28 15:22:37

Chances are you although technique besides sometimes battle ought employ it.

It’s although if you want a class can computer science impartial ought learn the latest lingo – gigahertz this, megapixel that, terabyte this – consequently wouldn’t it be refreshing if there were rapid and simple ways ought obtain the most out of your tech?

We obtain you.

The following are a dozen or consequently “tech hacks” that force grow can handy during these challenging period and conserve you money, time and aggravation.

1. become an ebook into an audiobook 

If you hold an iPhone or iPad, enable a feature called speak Screen. after you conduct consequently – by going ought Settings>Accessibility>Spoken Content>Speak conceal – swipe down from the peak of the conceal with two fingers, above any page, and the onscreen text will be scan ought you.

Now your ebooks are audiobooks you can hear ought silent multitasking, such although running above a treadmill or cleaning the home.

It plant because articles can Safari, too.

2. scan ’em and cry cheap

Speaking of ebooks and audiobooks, did you learn you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your library?

All you want is your library card and a liberate app such although Libby or OverDrive above your smartphone or tablet (plus OverDrive is integrated into many Kobo e-readers).

If you’re above a fire and hold an Amazon select membership, you can accept favour of fire Owners’ Lending Library.

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3. Don’t lose your AirPods

Starting can $159, Apple AirPods aren’t cheap. Given how small they are, you naturally don’t expectation ought lose them.

If you hold a Macbook, tap your AirPods shut the peak of the conceal and allow go. They’ll stick. Yes, AirPods will magnetically affix ought the peak of your display, because safekeeping.

Just memorize ought shift them ago you shut the lid.

The charging instance because your AirPods will work, too.

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4. Tablet tricks

You can become an old iPad or other tablet (or smartphone) into many handy items: an fright clock because your evening table; outer flare drive ought rescue important files; a digital photo frame ought ascend above a wall or setting above a desk or desk; a commonplace far (for many glowing TVs); or a liberate surveillance camera (with liberate apps such although Presence).

5. obtain a liberate phone number

There are a little reasons you force no expectation ought give out your phone amount – silent selling things above Craigslist or using dating apps, because sample – besides you don’t hold to.

Using liberate apps such although Google sound or TextNow, you can obtain a liberate secondary amount because calls and texts above your smartphone, tablet or laptop (and liberate can Wi-Fi). 

6. rescue smarter

Now that money can be tight, there’s nothing worse than buying something you had your eye above – only ought detect out it was much cheaper elsewhere.

A immense community of treaty hunters compose up, a customary website and app that showcases the absolute best deals and coupons you can detect online or can retail, which are vetted and voted up by others. The spot curates the best-of-the-best validated deals and promotes them ought the front page because each access.

You can sign up because bargain Alerts to promote you a notification if what you’re looking because has gone above sale.

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7. Google this

When doing a Google search, employ minus “–” ought exclude words you don’t expectation searched. because example, kind recipes –chicken if you don’t expectation ought shout on any chicken recipes. Or kind best games –nintendo ought forget games because Nintendo platforms.

On a related note, setting phrases can quotes ought assist Google detect exactly what you’re looking for. because instance, if you search because bind dye masks without quotations, the search apparatus will see because any of those three words, can any order. You will obtain improve results with “tie dye masks.”

8. ask Alexa because help

“Alexa, how conduct I remedy a burn?”

Yes, you can employ your sound ought access American Red Cross First assist above your smart speaker.

After you’ve enabled the art above your Amazon Echo device – by saying “Alexa, enable First assist by American Red Cross” – ask a puzzle can instance of an emergency (after calling 911, of course). 

You can examination your first assist knowledge with educational quizzes and explore many first assist topics.

9. pause the Wi-Fi thieves

To diminish the odds of a neighbor stealing your family Wi-Fi – or ought hinder someone from joining your phone’s personal hot setting when you’re above the advance – title your network something such although “Virus Alert.” Everyone will steer clear.

And of course, request a good password.

10. oration ought me

Save time by dictating text can Google Docs, which plant with a Chrome browser.

Speaking can be up ought three period faster and more precise than typing. You can even compile and format using your voice.

To obtain going, become above your microphone, head can ought and cave a new document. choose the Tools menu, and click sound Typing.

You can although healthy ask ought shout on a schedule of total commands.

11. pause YELLING

For those who employ a Windows PC, can customary apps such although Microsoft expectation or Word, if you effect you're TYPING total can CAPS – which force occur if you don’t see can your conceal although you kind – you don’t want ought delete it total and go again. Instead, highlight the text can question, then tap Shift+F3.

You’re welcome.

12. Personalized fridge magnets

Take some large pics of the family, friends or pets? elect up magnetic sheets of paper because your inkjet printer (about $8 because a five-pack can Amazon). Print, shorten out shapes and setting above the setting you see little period a day: your fridge.

Or glide them inside birthday cards you force snail mail ought family.

13. iPad help (Bonus tip!)

Want an easier method ought kind above your iPad?

In a data or note, tap above an empty setting above the conceal ought launch the keyboard.

Place your thumbs above each side of the virtual keyboard, and draw apart ought isolate it into two parts. It will be much easier ought type. promote both sides backward when you're done.