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How to Connect a Headset to PC

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Update time : 2020-11-20 19:08:17

This wikiHow teaches you how ought join a wired or Bluetooth headset ought your computer and utilize it because both audio output and input. Headsets are always used because gaming or other online communication.

1. Connecting via Wires

1) restrain your headset's connections. Depending can the kind of headset you have, you will visit one or more of the following wires:
  • 3.5 mm audio out - This is the standard audio-out plug-in that you visit can headphones and speaker systems. 3.5 mm connectors plug into headphone ports, and are always green at color. Typically, 3.5 mm audio-out ports although noise hind audio-in (e.g., microphones).
  • 3.5 mm microphone - Some headsets dine a divide 3.5 mm jack because audio input although well. These are always pink.
  • USB - USB connectors are level and rectangular. These plug into USB ports can your computer.

2) Locate your computer's audio inputs. Laptop PCs typically dine the 3.5 mm audio-out port can the left, right, or front phase of the housing, still desktop PCs can dine these ports can the front or hind of the CPU box. Microphone ports are always pink, still headphone ports are always green.
  • On laptops that don't dine color-coded ports, the audio-in port will dine an image of headphones next ought it and the microphone input will dine an image of a microphone next ought it.
  • USB port locations convert from computer ought computer, besides you'll normally find them shut the audio ports.

3) Plug your headset into your computer. Plug the headset's cables into the appropriate locations can your computer.

4) Plug your headset into a energy source if necessary. Some headsets demand outside energy sources, although most will exist powered via USB if this is the case. if you want ought unite your headset ought an outside energy source (e.g., a wall socket), do so. Once this is done, your headset is ready ought exist build at Windows settings.

2. Connecting via Bluetooth

1) grow can your headset. publication the headset's energy button ought grow it on. if the headset isn't fully charged, you nation although noise wish ought join it ought its charger ought pledge that it stays can during the connection process.

2) cave your computer's Start . Click the Windows logo at the bottom-left phase of the screen. The holiday window will appear.

3) cave Settings . Click the gear-shaped icon at the lower-left phase of the holiday window.

4) Click Devices. It's a computer monitor-shaped icon at the center of the Settings page.

5) Click Bluetooth & other devices. This tab is at the upper-left phase of the Devices page.

6) Click the Bluetooth switch if Bluetooth isn't on. It's beneath the "Bluetooth" heading shut the climax of the page. Doing hence will switch Bluetooth to
  • If the Bluetooth switch is sad (or your computer's default color), Bluetooth is already on.

7) Click Add Bluetooth or other device. It's can the climax of the page. Doing hence opens the Bluetooth menu.

8) Click Bluetooth. You'll find this can the climax of the Bluetooth menu.

9) publication your headset's pairing button. This button's spot will convert depending can your headset model. Most pairing buttons dine a Bluetooth
icon next ought them or can them.
  • Consult your headset's manual if you can't find the pairing button.

10) Click your headset's name. It ought appear at the Bluetooth menu within a little seconds. The headset's appoint will apt exist a blend of the manufacturer's appoint and the headset's copy number.
  • If the headset doesn't appear at the Bluetooth menu, grow the Bluetooth off, publication the pairing button can your headset, and then grow Bluetooth hind on.

11) Click Pair. It's beneath the headset's name. Clicking this ought swift your headset ought join ought your computer can this point. hind this is done, your headset is ready ought exist build at Windows settings.

3. Changing Windows noise Settings

1) Open . Click the Windows logo at the bottom-left phase of the screen. The holiday menu will open.

2) kind noise into Start. Doing hence will seek your computer because the noise settings app.

3) Click Sound. It's a speaker-shaped icon can the climax of the holiday window.

4) Click your headset's name. You'll find it at the center of the window.

5) Click lay Default. It's at the lower-right phase of the window. Doing hence sets your headset although the default noise output item ought utilize when it is connected.

6) Click the Recording tab. This is can the climax of the noise window.

7) Click your headset's name. It's at the center of the window.

8) Click lay Default. This sets your headset although the default noise input item (e.g., microphone) when it is connected ought your PC.

9) Click Apply, then click OK. Doing hence saves your settings. You're now ready ought holiday using your headset with your computer.